Ode to the buffet

The buffet… close to many hearts and mouths! Regardless of who’s on your guest list; close friends, family or business colleagues, a buffet is a great way to feed a crowd and create an impressive culinary spectacle.

The buffet presents a tantalising opportunity of unlimited picking portions. It’s safe to say, no one walks away unsatisfied. With our top 5 buffets... let the feasting commence!

breakfast buffet

1.       The breakfast buffet (The big boy!)

Any hotel worth their salt knows that this daily ritual of sometimes epic proportions, defines them. It also, serves to prove our weakness for indulgence. So what if a couple of slices of toast would normally see you through to lunch. Today you shall consume umpteen courses… fresh fruit, yoghurt perhaps, cereal, juice?, a pot of coffee, bacon, eggs…..Hell, you might even ask the chef to prepare you a fresh omelette. Go on, no one’s looking, add a cheeky chocolate pastry or two to the mix!


2.       The Cheeseboard

Build it and they shall come. You didn't think you were hungry but suddenly the cheeseboard

comes out. We normally present ours using local Sussex cheeses on a very beautiful and

HUGE section of log that takes two fit and confident members of staff to carry. Loaded with cheese, crackers, quince jelly, homemade chutneys and relishes as well as apples, grapes, figs and nuts… jaws genuinely drop when we bring it into a room. Then they demolish it!


3.       Afternoon tea

Now unless you have time on your hands and or very deep pockets - Afternoon tea is a rare treat with a real sense of occasion. Delicately cut sandwiches, cream scones, fruity pastries... with fine tea and bubbles thrown in of course. What's not to love. It’s a theme that crops up time and time again with clients and in a buffet setting it works beautifully well.

4.       Charcuterie

All hail the meat! Wafer thin, chunky slices, throw in a sharp gherkin and we’re in a happy place. There are so many different varieties and wonderful flavour combinations, and more and more local (to our isles) products to try. Sometimes a beer stick (artisan pepperami) will only do.

5.       Salad bar

It's a good time to be a vegan or a vegetarian (ignore buffet no.4!) or just someone who enjoys fresh healthy produce, interesting textures and bags of flavour. We are constantly developing our salad repertoire at Secret service events and at our deli in Brighton Hell’s Kitchen we get to see how they go down. Pop in anytime to see for yourself!