Summertime, and the livin' is easy...‏

Now that Easter is over and spring is truly upon us, it won't be long before we're bathed in persistent sunshine, hopefully! At Secret Service, we’re busy planning ahead for the functions and weddings we'll be catering throughout Surrey, Sussex and beyond, this summer.

For relaxed guests, enjoying bespoke fare in beautiful surrounds, why not embrace the season with some festival style dining? For some of our hosts this year we're creating festival vibes by breaking up the food and drink offering. Imagine individual stalls and dedicated areas, each with their own design and theme.

Create interest and entice with a Pimms tent or beer garden? Or would a BBQ pit or salad stall be on your menu? For the experience, without the queues, festival style dining could be just the ticket for your event.

We have assembled some of our favorite ideas on Pinterest. Take a look at our festival board to get inspired