Sharing is caring

Here at Secret Service Events we like to keep a keen eye on party trends and we're enjoying seeing 'sharing' featuring heavily. Whether you're planning a wedding, engagement party, birthday celebration or work do, at the moment, sharing could be key.

Be it in the form of a Spanish tapas, a Greek mezze or a more hearty selection of British offerings (think sharing boards with cheeses, pickles, pies, scotch eggs and breads) people planning a party love the idea of their guests tucking in together and so do we. Sharing creates a less formal, relaxed atmosphere that really involves guests and ensures you're never stuck for small talk!

Last season, one of our lovely couples were crazy about southern American cooking, and were keen to incorporate it into their big day. It was a delight to create a kick ass soul food menu which was served as a sharing main course to guests. Each guest was given a bib featuring the couple’s faces to make sure no wedding attire was soiled during the feast!

We reckon sharing is most definitely caring but if you're not keen on sharing your grub, you might be in for a tough summer ahead! 

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